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We can all agree that easier is always better, and with Go Coin!, this is a simple addition to your daily life that gives you the change that you’ve been looking for. The change you have on your kitchen counter isn’t helpful to you if you’re out at a store, and the quarters in your other jeans can’t help pay for the bus you’re about to get on.

Go Coin! eliminates clutter and disorganization: everything becomes faster and more efficient when your loose change is cleverly gathered in one contraption that is space-efficient. Go Coin! holds up to twelve dollars in change, and keeps the denominations separate, too. Try for yourself, and see how much better it is when you can pay for things quickly and move on with the rest of your day!

Get rid of your pocket, purse and jars full of change!

Benefits of Go Coin!:

  • Snap out exact amount in seconds
  • Coins separated by denomination
  • Fits in your pocket or purse, goes everywhere
  • Your change jar will be empty in no time
  • Incredibly durable
  • Great promotional item
  • Helpful assistance or teaching device
  • If you need a small hockey puck?

Over 200,000 Sold! Go Coin! is available in multiple colours.
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Its actually a great way to meet people. Every time I use my Go Coin! somebody (usually the cashier) will spout “Thats a great idea”! Cashiers are amazed at how quick it is to access your change…they love it! – Chuck

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